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Horizon Centre, Inc. is your one-stop destination for development services performance improvement. We turn proven streamlining and customer service ideas into results for your city or county government. Our commitment is to provide unbiased, expert advice to help your agency cut costs, improve performance, and bolster support by your elected officials, businesses and residents.   

Understanding Your Challenges

Now, more than ever, development services related agencies are under the scrutiny of the public eye.  Elected officials, businesses, and the public alike want improved regulatory services. 

But how do you deliver in a climate with growing and numerous challenges?


We help agency executives and managers address and meet the high demands for tangible and immediate results, in a climate with the challenges of:


A downturn in the economy with budget cuts that result in constrained and insufficient funding levels
Complacency in a government culture too often entrenched and comfortable
Service improvements involving complex multi-departmental processes and systems
Political expectations for quick fixes with limited patience to spend time on sustainable change

With numerous challenges and high expectations, it is clear that executives and managers have to get creative and be flexible.  In order to be successful, they have to collaborate with other managers on strategies and solutions and take a comprehensive look at how services are delivered to its customers.    Most importantly, they must begin to think from the customer's perspective.  We can help.  Find out more about our Development Services consulting resources.

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